40" | 41" | 42"


_ Custom Template
_ Freedom 6 PP or D12 PP Core
_ NXL Deck/ Surlyn Bottom/ IXL Pinline & NXL Rail
_ IXL Pinline & NXL Rail
_ Standard Channels
_ x1 Carbon Fibre Stringer
_ GT Lightning Contour
_ Nose & Tail Bumpers
_ Crescent Tail
_ Nose Bulbs on Slick
_ XMesh Bottom Layer
_ Colourways may vary depending on your location.


Hi I'm the Mega -T.
Named after one of the biggest names in the history of world bodyboarding Brazilian 6x World Champion Guilherme Tamega I have an obligation to be flawless in every way.
I Was designed to be a complete and versatile board . Starting with a composition of materials and designs that are on top versatility , durability and speed. On my skin I use 8 pounds NXL combined with striking colors that match the GT boards high quality standards.
At the top GT designed the lightning -shaped contour that not only leaves me with an air of power , but also provide an incredible function of grip and safety. In here I have a single Mega stringer of high quality carbon fiber to make sure I 'm ready for your follies.
To complete I chose the last generation of DuPont ™ Surylin slick over the GT Xmesh technology that will help keep the folds well away.
Good waves.





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